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New Installations - Our Specialisation

Unique finishes designed for longevity and installed with ease of access in mind

Design Stage


We have produced many different Designs over our 10 years of experience to suit many different spaces. We can recommend the best design to you, or you can come to us with your ideas.

Zinc Galvanising


Always ensuring longevity, a zinc coating is applied to prevent the gates from rusting over time and ensure durability in tough British weather.



We measure the dimensions and create foundations that will allow for a long lasting and durable gate.



It's then back to our paint shop, wet spraying with a colour of your choice over a curing time of 48 hours.

Fabricating Icon


Our fabricators produce a range of gate types to meet the needs of any space, we realise every installation is unique and has its own needs.

Installation Hammer


We now have a beautiful bespoke gate ready to be installed by our experienced team!

KLH Maintenence


- One Service

- Force test Results

- 72hr call out time frame


- Two Services

- One Fault Call

- Force test Results

- 48 hr call out time frame


- Two services

- one fault call

- force test results

- 48hr call out time frame


- Two services

- three fault calls

- force test results

- 24hr call out time frame

- 12 month warranty on all electrical goods

All services are per annum and dependent on system appraisal.

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Benefits of Gate Servicing

Depending on what system you have, there are multiple benefits. If you have underground operators, as the name suggests they are underground – the most common problem here is the drainage getting blocked with debris. Depending on who has installed the system there might not be any drainage to begin with, which causes the boxes to flood with water. The knock on effect is that your motors are now submerged in water, which will not be good for the longevity of the system over time, the end result would require a full replacement.

We can prevent this with an annual service, lifting the gates off its hinges and removing the motors to give full access to the underground box, removing any debris and making sure the drainage is working. Whilst the gates are lifted off their hinges, we will grease all moving parts and hinge points to give you a gate that moves with ease before any automation is re-applied.

We can now move onto the manual release blocks, which in the event of a power or system failure allow you to manually release your gates, meaning you cannot get stuck inside or outside the property. These often seize due to lack of operation as the gates are mainly automatic and not used manually. Again we will ensure these are in working order.

Now we have a system moving with ease, draining all water that might get trapped in the boxes.

We then take a look at the photocell beams which are often filled with cobwebs, dust & insects. If these beams are deemed to be blocked, this will prevent the gates from closing and in some cases, not opening at all.  We check all photocells are clean and cable connections are good.

Finishing off our service we will provide you with your force test results which will prove your gates comply with current health and safety legislation. All these problems we have mentioned are covered with our FREE service